Skincare Services

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Sugaring Now Available!



Custom Blend Facial                     60 min.  $70

This highly personalized facial is custom blended to meet your exact needs, every time.  It starts with a Skin Reading, then each step is customized with advanced ingredients and aromatherapy oils uniquely designed to deliver results.  You’ll experience deep cleansing, a custom blended facial massage, plus a serum and mask targeted to your specific skin concerns.

Acne Clearing Facial                      60 min     $90

An absolute must if you’re breakout-prone, have clogged pores, or blackheads.  You’ll receive a personal Skin Reading followed by deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and a medicated Amino Mask that contains enzymes, antioxidants, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory ingredients.  Make this effective treatment a part of your continuing fight against acne.

Fast Results Facial                         30 min      $50

Need a facial but short on time?  This quick, yet highly personalized treatment will cleanse, exfoliate, and revitalize your skin in just 30 minutes.  Have your pores deep cleansed and extracted, or enjoy a skin rejuvenating facial massage.  Your choice!  Either way, you’ll experience a treatment that leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth, and revitalized.

Fast Results Lift                              30 min          $58

Need a lift?  In just 30 minutes, this amazing express facial will tighten and firm your skin as it smooths out surface wrinkles.  Treatment includes a dual exfoliation and cleansing under steam followed by the ultra-lifting Bioelements Flaxx-C mask and an application of the perfect hydrating moisturizer.

Fast Results Peel                             30 min          $58

Want smoother, softer, re-texturized skin but short on time?  This advanced, ultimate strength quick peel contains potent acids and enzymes, to provide a powerful peeling of dulling surface cells in just 30 minutes!  It’s the fastest way to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and younger-looking.

Fast Results Eye Smoother           30 min  $50

In just 30 minutes, this express treatment gives you a relaxing anti-aging eye treatment that includes a de-stressing acupressure massage, a hydrating, cooling mask, and calming aromatherapy.  The Fast Results Eye Smoother is perfect for brides, or for that special event where you need to look your best.  Or for anyone that doesn’t have a full hour to spare.. The results?  Eyes that are fresh, bright, and younger looking.

Custom Blend Back Treatment     60 min      $58

Your back deserves attention too!  Receive the same treatment as in our Custom Blend Facial, customized specifically for the often neglected back area.

Custom Blend Combo                      120 min   $110

Our Custom Blend Facial, and Custom Blend Back Treatment rolled into one fabulous treatment!


Facial Treatment Add-Ons

Extractions                                       15-30 min   $15

(Included in Acne Clearing Facial)

De-pigment Spot Patch                                      $10

Acne Crystal Patch                                              $10

Collagen Lip Mask                                               $12

Hydrating Eye Patch                                           $10

Hand and Arm Massage                                     $10 for 15 min

Decollete Treatment                                            $25 for 15 min

Microderm (stand alone treatment, includes

cleanse, moisturizer, and sunscreen)               $70

*As an add-on to any facial                                 $35

LED Photo Treatment                                          $15


Waxing and Tinting Services

Brow Wax                                                              $15

Lip Wax                                                                  $12

Chin Wax                                                               $12


   Sides Only                                                          $22

   Full Face (not including brows)                    $40

Bikini                                                                $35 and up


   Half                                                                     $40

    Full                                                                     $60

Back                                                                        $40

Chest                                                                      $40

Underarm                                                              $20

Brow Tint                                                               $20

Lash Tint                                                                $20

Brow and Lash Tint                                              $35

Brow Tint with Brow Wax                                  $30

Brow and Lash Tint with Brow Wax                $45

Not sure which treatment is right for you?  Schedule a free consultation today!